Office hours are by appointment only. I am excited to announce that I have now added online therapy to my options for appointments! New clients can contact me by phone at (773)425-6652, schedule an appointment online at or by email

Setting up the appointment:

During our initial phone conversation we will briefly discuss the reason for seeking therapy, scheduling and payment. The session is 45 minutes in duration but intensive sessions (VIP services) are also available if set up in advance.

Your first visit:

At the end of our initial session and assessment we can discuss the frequency with which sessions will be scheduled. It is often helpful to meet weekly at first, but I do offer alternate scheduling depending on clinical assessment and in order to suit your needs. Possibilities include sessions, bi-weekly, monthly or as needed.

VIP Services:

For couples and or individuals that are looking to “fast- track” progress toward goals, extended sessions are offered. These sessions are 3 hours in length with 15 min breaks every 45 mins. Clients that have chosen to access the VIP services have reported feeling relief, a significant decrease in the intensity of the problem and accelerated movement toward healing following this type of service.

Internet sessions:

Are you a busy person/couple that would like to start therapy but have a hard time getting away for appointments? If so, this is for you! I now offer confidential live, online sessions for Illinois residents using video conference technology.

Ready to start feeling better? Call me today at (773)425-6652 for your free 10 min phone consultation.  Ready to schedule an appointment? Go to my online scheduler