How long does therapy take? Therapy length is usually specific to both you and your concerns.  Many clients report feeling some relief and noticing small changes after 3-4 sessions and then we work to solidify the change in sessions 10-12. After our first session, I can give you a better estimate of how long therapy will take.

Do you treat other things beside relationship issues? Yes! I often work with people to manage and lessen symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression and grief.

How do we know if couples therapy is right for us? All it takes is a desire to improve your relationship.

Can I come in for relationship therapy even if my partner does not want to come? Yes!  Please come in. A lot of work can be done with one person in a relationship.  It isn’t always necessary for both to attend therapy.  Many people find that as they begin to feel better, the relationship actually shifts and changes.

What if I am single and looking for love?  I frequently work with individuals who are looking for a relationship and are struggling with being single.

How do I schedule a session? You can schedule by phone or email.  Once your email is received, I will request that we set up a 10 min time slot to speak via phone to discuss your needs.

Ready to start feeling better? Call me today at (773)425-6652 for your free 10 min phone consultation.  Ready to schedule an appointment? Go to my online scheduler erikafaylmft.fullslate.com