“I have known Erika professionally for several years now and I can recommend her wholeheartedly! Erika is one of the most compassionate and ethical therapists I know and she really knows how to help a relationship that’s struggling. Whether you are looking to find love, or to get back the spark and love in your existing relationship, give Erika Fay a call!” May 2015, Helen Odessky, Psy D

“I would highly recommend Erika to anyone who is going through a rough patch in their relationship or marriage or who just wants to strengthen their relationship. Erika is extremely passionate about what she does and truly wants to help her clients achieve happiness. Erika has a holistic approach to helping her clients feel good and creates an individualized approach for solutions and strategies to get your relationship back on track. If you are feeling stuck in your relationship or are looking to to get the spark back in your relationship, Erika can help!” May 2015, Dr Ariana Brosco, MVP Chiropractic

“Erika is extremely driven and focused on providing the best care for her clients. She is professional, dependable and displays a level of compassion that truly sets her apart. I have complete confidence in referring my patients to her care when needed.” September 29, 2009, Dr Sarah Thursby, Chiropractic Physician at Shen Tov Wellness Center

“Erika is a competent and professional therapist. She offers valuable insight and compassion to her clients. Erika’s creative interventions help her clients to make positive changes to their emotional and relational well-being. As a colleague, Erika has been a great resource for collaboration, guidance, and support. I am confident that anyone seeking help from Erika is in good hands!” November 4, 2009, Amanada Bevacqua, LMFT

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